Boom Lifts

S.NoBrand & ModelMaximum Working HeightHorizontal OutreachPlatform CapacityMachine Dimension (length x width x height)Machine WeightPower TypeLoad ChartSpec Sheet PDF
1UPRIGHT AB3813.40 m6.10 m215 kgs4.04m x 1.50m x 2.00m3760 kgsBattery,,, UPRIGHT AB38
2JLG 450 AJ15.72 m7.62 m250 kgs6.53m x 2.08m x 2.26m6420 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 450AJ
3JLG 460 SJ16.05 m12.07 m230 kgs8.91m x 2.31m x 2.47m7425 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 460SJ
4JLG 520 AJ18.0 m10.65 m250 kgs8.91m x 2.31m x 2.47m7985 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 520AJ
5JLG 600 AJ20.29 m12.12 m230 kgs8.83m x 2.44m x 2.57m11900 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 600AJ
6JLG 660 SJ22.31 m17.30 m230 kgs10.21m x 2.42m x 2.56m13500 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 660SJ
7JLG 660 SJ (Hi-Capacity)22.02 m17.40 m340 kgs10.79m x 2.48m x 2.40m12528 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 660SJ Hi-Capacity
8JLG 800 AJ26.38 m15.80 m230 kgs11.13m x 2.44m x 3.00m15558 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 800AJ
9JLG 860 SJ28.21 m22.86 m230 kgs12.19m x 2.49m x 3.05m 17200 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 860SJ
10JLG 860 SJ (Hi-Capacity)28.21 m22.86 m340 kgs12.19m x 2.50m x 3.05m16732 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 860SJ Hi-Capacity
11JLG 1200 SJP38.73 m23.15 m230 kgs13.67m x 3.81m x 3.05m 3760 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 1200SJP
12GENIE Z-5117.59 m9.37 m227 kgs7.58m x 2.29m x 2.13m 7394 kgsDiesel,,, GENIE Z51_30J
13GENIE S-6521.80 m17.10 m227 kgs7.60m x 2.49m x 2.72m 10,102 kgsDiesel,,, GENIE S65
14GENIE Z-13543.15 m23.01 m272 kgs12.93m x 3.94m x 3.07m 20502 kgsDiesel,,, GENIE Z135_70
15JLG 1350 SJP43.30 m25.03 m230 kgs14.89m x 3.81m x 3.05m 20400 kgsDiesel,,, JLG 1350SJP

Boom lifts

Spider Access takes pride in being among the top companies of boom lifts within the UAE. The latest boom lifts from Spider Access are fitted with cutting-edge technology and safety features that ensure the best quality of service and dependability. If you require a small electric boom lift, or an incredibly robust diesel-powered one the modern and durable fleet is the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Efficient Man lifts Rent in Dubai
We are experts in solutions for height access as we offer a broad selection of man lifts available to rent in Dubai. Spider lifts and scissor lifts are security and efficiency to areas elevated, increasing the efficiency of various sectors. We are focused on client support and customer satisfaction, we make sure that our customers have access to the appropriate equipment and support to be successful in their endeavors.
Boom Lifts
Boom lift supplier in UAE
You’re Partner in Success
Spider Access is a company that Spider Access, our business principal has been “Partnering Success.” We select only manufacturers and machines that have the strictest standards of reliability and performance. No matter if you want to purchase new or pre-owned equipment or our access-specific equipment, which includes the boom lift, spider lifts telehandler, scissor lifts, and forklifts will satisfy every need.
International Reach with uncompromising support

We’re dedicated to providing high-quality equipment not only to clients in the UAE but all over the world. All of our machines go through rigorous tests before dispatching to guarantee their safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, our after-sales, as well as the technical support team, is always at hand to assist you in ensuring that your project runs without a hitch and efficiently.

Pick Spider Access as your trusted high-level access solution provider throughout the UAE to experience unmatched security, efficacy, and dependability in every aspect of your work at height. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and allow us to become your partner in the success of your business. 

We have Spider Lifts, Spider Cranes, Glass Lifters & Manipulators, Fork Lifts,Truck Mounted Boomlifts (Manlifts) , Boom Lifts (Manlifts), Scissor Lifts ,Miscellaneous Machines Types of lift available which is also help you to complete your construction projects.

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