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S.NoBrand & ModelTypeLift CapacitySuction PadsWeight of lifter

Rotation Angle

Turning Angle
Up / Down

Tilting Angle Right / Left

Works with cranePictureSpec Sheet PDF
1VIAVAC GBL2Lifter500 Kgs.4 + 448 Kgs.360° manualNA / + 90° manualN/AAny crane,,, VIAVAC-GBL2
2JEKKO JVM800-RManupilator800 Kgs.4 + 4220 Kgs.360° hydraulic + 45° / - 91° hydraulic+45° / - 45° hydraulicJEKKO 312, JEKKO 424, JEKKO 532, JEKKO 1275, JEKKO 1280,,, JVM800-R-1
3RIGHETTI VB44-RCMBMLifter800 Kgs.4 + 495 Kgs.360° manualNA / + 90° manualN/AAny crane,,, VB44-RCMBM
4VIAVAC GBX2Lifter800 Kgs.4 + 485 Kgs.360° manualNA / + 90° manualN/AAny crane,,, VIAVAC-GBX2
5WIRTH GL-CC 1200Manipulator1200 Kgs.4 + 8240 Kgs.360° hydraulic0-120° hydraulic+40° / - 40° hydraulicJEKKO 312, JEKKO 424, JEKKO 532, JEKKO 1275, JEKKO 1280,,, gl-cc1200
6KAPPEL DSMH2 - 12VLifter2000 Kgs.6 + 10420kgs.360° hydraulic90° hydraulicWork with crane Jekko 532, unic 547, Jekko 1275, Jekko 1280, all kind of mobile cranes,,, KAPPEL DSMH2 - 12V
7JEKKO MINIPCIKER MPK06Hook + Manipulator600 Kgs.41000 kgs.360° electrical0 - 120° electrical+75° / -75° electricalN/A,,, MPK06-jekko-minipicker

Glass Manipulator

Spider Access offers a wide variety of Glass Handling Equipment Rentals that include glass manipulators as well as glass vacuum lifters. The glass manipulator we offer are created to handle fragile glass components with precision and care. This ensures an efficient and safe handling of your work.

Glass Vacuum Lifter Rental for Heavy and Cumbersome Glass Sheets

For large glass sheets, our glass vacuum lifters provide an ideal choice. They utilize suction technology to safely transfer and lift glass panels, which reduces the chance of breaking as well as accidents. Take advantage of one of our glass vacuum lifters and enjoy safe and efficient glass handling during construction, renovation, or repairs.

Comprehensive Glass Handling Solutions

At Spider Access, we understand the specific challenges that arise from glass handling across different sectors. If you’re involved in construction manufacturing, production, or other area that requires handling glass our equipment rental services cater to the specific requirements of your business. Our solutions for handling glass are developed to improve productivity while also ensuring your employees’ safety.

Trusted Worldwide Supplier

Spider Access is a trusted provider of rental glass-handling equipment not only within the UAE but across the globe. Our equipment is subject to stringent tests before dispatch to assure quality and durability. Our after-sales support is dedicated and technical assistance we can assure you to offer top-quality equipment as well as help with the glass handling needs of your business.

Pick Spider Access as your reliable service provider for the rental of glass handling equipment. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and discover the effectiveness, safety, and comfort of our glass manipulator rental as well as glass vacuum lifter rental.

We have Spider Lifts, Spider Cranes, Glass Lifters & Manipulators, Fork Lifts,Truck Mounted Boomlifts (Manlifts) , Boom Lifts (Manlifts), Scissor Lifts ,Miscellaneous Machines Types of lift available which is also help you to complete  your construction projects.

Vacuum Lifters on Rent

Spider Access is your trusted source of the highest-quality Vacuum Lifters on Rent. The wide range of our vacuum lifters is made to satisfy the demands of handling materials efficiently and with a high degree of precision. If you require lifting massive objects, delicate substances, or object with unusual shapes our vacuum lifters offer the ideal solution for various uses.

Convenient Vacuum Lifters on Rent for Your Project Needs
A rental vacuum lifter with Spider Access is a convenient and scalable option for the task of handling materials. If you need a vacuum lifter to complete a project of a shorter duration or for a long-term project our rental options are flexible for solutions to meet your needs. Our staff is committed to ensuring a flawless rental experience and ensuring that you are equipped with the best equipment for maximum productivity.
Thе Adaptivе Naturе of Vacuum Liftеrs for Rеnting Succеss
Reliable and Well-Maintained Rental Equipment
We are proud to offer high-quality and well-maintained vacuum lifters for our customers. The equipment we use is subject to regular maintenance as well as thorough checks to ensure maximum performance and safety. When you use Spider Access, you can ensure that our machines are kept in a good state, which allows the user to operate their equipment easily and with confidence.
Expert Guidance and Support
Spider Access Spider Access Spider Access, our knowledgeable team of experts is available to provide knowledgeable guidance and assistance during the entire rental experience. Should you require help in picking the appropriate lifter to meet your requirements or you require technical training and support throughout your rental we are there to assist. We’re committed to making sure the success of all your tasks related to handling materials. Pick Spider Access as your trusted supplier of Vacuum Lifters for Rental. Contact us today for a discussion of your needs and discover the effectiveness, reliability, and ease of our rental options.

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