Scissor Lifts

S.NoBrand & ModelWorking HeightPlatform CapacityMachine WeightMachine Dimension (length x width)Machine Height (Rails Folded)Power TypePlatform Dimension (length x width)Platform ExtensionSpec Sheet PDF
1GENIE (GS1932)7.79 m227 Kgs.1503 Kgs.1.83 m x 0.82 m1.75 mBattery1.63 m x 0.74 m0.90 m
2JLG (2630ES)9.75 m230 Kgs.2200 Kgs.2.30 m x 0.76 m1.94 mBattery2.30 m x 0.76 m0.90 m
3JCB (2632E)10.10 m250 kgs1972 Kgs.2.39 m x 0.81 m1.96 mBattery2.25 m x 0.81 m0.90 m
4GENIE (GS2632)9.93 m227 kgs1959 Kgs.2.44 m x 0.81 m1.91 mBattery2.26 m x 0.81 m0.90 m
5SNORKEL (4726E)9.80 m454 kgs2250 Kgs.2.30 m x 1.19 m1.85 mBattery2.14 m x 1.09 m1.21 m
6GENIE (GS3246)11.75 m318 kgs2781 Kgs.2.41 m x 1.17 m1.80 mBattery2.26 m x 1.15 m0.90 m
7JCB (3246E)12.00 m250 kgs2646 Kgs.2.39 m x 1.15 m1.86mBattery2.25 m x 1.15 m0.90 m
8XCMG (JZ1012)12.00 m320 kgs2940 Kgs.2.50 m x 1.17 m1.91 mBattery2.27 m x 1.12 m0.90 m
10ZOOMLION (ZS1212 HD-Li)13.80 m350 kgs3180 Kgs.2.49 m x 1.15 m2.05 mLithium Battery2.30 m x 1.12 m0.90 m
12ZOOMLION (ZS1414 HD-Li)15.70 m260 kgs3540 Kgs.2.87 m x 1.40 m2.10 mLithium Battery2.67 m x 1.12 m0.90 m
13GENIE (GS4655)15.95 m350 kgs3701 Kgs.3.11 m x 1.41 m1.98 mBattery2.84 m x 1.35 m1.22 m
9XCMG (JZ1212)13.80 m320 kgs3140 Kgs.2.50 m x 1.19 m2.04mBattery2.27 m x 1.12 m0.90 m
11JLG (4045R)13.96 m320 kgs3175 Kgs.2.71 m x 1.15 m1.92 mBattery2.43 m x 1.15 m0.90 m
14GENIE (5390RT)18.00 m680 kgs6241 Kgs.4.88 m x 2.29 m2.27 mDiesel3.98 m x 1.83 m2.74 m

Scissor Lift

Spider Access is proud to be among the most reputable manufacturers of scissor lifts. The scissor lifts we offer are engineered to improve your efficiency and effectiveness when getting to higher heights. When you require routine maintenance, complete construction tasks, or gain access to higher levels in warehouses, our scissor lifts provide an effective and safe solution.

Electric Scissor Lifts for Eco-Friendly Operations
In our dedication to a sustainable future, we have the widest selection of electric scissor lifts. These environmentally friendly lifts offer low-noise operation as well as zero emissions which make them ideal for indoor usage. Because of their slim design and sophisticated features, our electric scissor lifts offer easy and secure access to higher areas. This contributes to greener and cleaner surroundings.
Scissor Lift
Scissor Lift
Convenient Scissor Lift Rental Options

At Spider Access We understands each project’s particular needs. We offer a variety of Scissor Lifts Rental that can be tailored to your particular requirements. No matter if you require a lift for just a time, day, or for a long time we have a rental option to suit your needs. Our staff is committed to providing an effortless rental experience and ensuring that you get the tools that you require to be successful.

Reliable and Well-Maintained Scissor Lifts

We are proud to offer high-quality and well-maintained scissor lifts for our customers. Lifts are regularly maintained and rigorous inspections to guarantee the highest performance and security. When you use Spider Access, you can be sure that the scissor lifts remain in top condition. This allows you to operate with confidence and security.

Pick Spider Access as your trusted service provider for scissor lifts and rentals for scissor lifts. Call us now to discuss your needs and to experience the reliability, efficiency, and ease of using Spider Access’s lifts.

We have Spider Lifts, Spider Cranes, Glass Lifters & Manipulators, Fork Lifts,Truck Mounted Boomlifts (Manlifts) , Boom Lifts (Manlifts), Scissor Lifts ,Miscellaneous Machines Types of lift available which is also help you to complete  your construction projects.

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